Welcome to Meadow Heights Baptist Church
Wise For Salvation

Located in Collinsville, IL. we give the gospel message to our town and the surrounding area. Being a biblically-based church, we believe God's word is our greatest resource for understanding who He is and how to best respond to Him. 


Sunday morning messages come straight from the bible. Where understanding what the bible meant to the original hearers, bringing it into our context, and then applying it to our lives is of paramount importance. God's word has not changed in 2000 years, but God in His great wisdom constructed His written revelation so that it is just as relevant for our lives today as it was in Jesus' day and in the days of the prophets and the fathers of the Old Testament. 


Sunday morning worship is led by a wonderful team of dedicated musicians and our priority is to sing songs that glorify the Lord, teach His Word, and lead us into a deeper and more healthy relationship with Christ. 


If you are seeking opportunities to plug in and serve, we believe that part of being a Christian and belonging to a local church means service for everyone. Involving the whole body of people from youth through senior adults. God intends to use all ages for Kingdom Growth. 

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