First Impressions and Beyond
Getting Aquatinted

Thinking about that next step and visiting Meadow Heights church?

Here are some quick facts to help you in your decision: 

  • We are a strong bible based church where our Sunday morning message is based on the bible. In fact, everything we do is bible-based: including our teaching and music. Conservative in our moral values and yet we try not to be mired down in unnecessary traditions. Yes, some traditions are worthy of keeping, but many others need to be cast aside. Ultimately, it really is just about bringing glory to God in everything we do! We do our best to be to serve our community. Often, this is accomplished by people plugging in and belonging to our community. 


  • Your kids belong here! Our children and student ministry run on Sunday and Wednesday nights. Of equal importance, our goal is to include our children in Sunday morning serving opportunities, where kids can serve on the praise team, running cameras for online service, and running sound boards for those attending live. We believe it's crucial for our kids to be a part of the "big church" by not creating their own church within a church. Rather, to integrate them into regular worship right alongside adults. 


  • First-time guest parking is located by the entrance doors for your convenience. If not, our parking lot is large and there is also street parking available. 


  • What to wear? Simply dress in what you feel comfortable with. God intended all of us to worship together and attire should not be a dividing barrier. Just come and we will welcome you with open arms! 


  • The connection needs to be easy. And at Meadow Heights it is! We pride ourselves on new member and prospective member fellowships. These are times designed to give you more than just information about our church and its ministries.  It is an opportunity to meet the church members and connect you to ministry opportunities based on your interests. You belong! 


  • What does membership look like? We view it as a two-sided coin. We promise something to you, and likewise, you promise something to us. It is a relationship as God intended. The Church is more than a Sunday morning gathering, it is a way of life. We promise to help you and your family grow in your relationship with Christ, give you opportunities to serve and belong, and equip you for every good work.


  • Our mission is to make you "Wise for Salvation". You are promising to buy into the mission and vision of our church, contribute to the ministries of the church, and be a good representation of Christ. There is much more than this of course, but this helps give you the idea.