Meet Our Staff!

We are currently searching for our next senior pastor, but we have a great team of pastoral and office staff who keep our church humming.  Here is a little more info about these folks behind the scenes: 

Director Worship and Media
Nate Proffer

Nate is a full-time student and the part-time director of our worship and arts ministry. Nate is not married but has been in a relationship with Gabby Smith since April 13th, 2022. Per Nate, “She is a huge inspiration to me and a big supporter of everything I do (especially ministry)”.  

To better get to know Nate, we asked him these questions:

Q1 - We heard you were a student a SIUE. What are you studying and what do you hope to do with your degree?
Nate:  I am going to SIUE to get my Bachelor's in Business Administration: Marketing.  I am hoping to use my degree to get into Real Estate or work on the administrative side of a church.  

Q2 - We've all seen you have some great musical talent. What first got you interested in music and what instruments do you play?  

Nate: My dad played drums at church when I was growing up and that is what really got me interested in music (I actually wanted to be a drummer but my parents made me play guitar). I started taking guitar lessons 9 years ago and have been playing ever since. I can play the guitar, bass guitar, piano, drums, and ukulele.  

Q3 - We've heard you speak about your passion for telling your generation about Christ. What drives that passion?   Nate: I have a lot of friends who are not saved and truly, it breaks my heart. I have interacted with many people my age (especially at college) who are not religious and I hate that. I want everyone to be able to experience Christianity in the way that I have but I have a deep desire to reach my generation and I think I am in the perfect position to do so with my job.  

Q4 - What's one piece of advice you would give a younger Nate or anyone else just starting out in the ministry?  

Nate: If I could give my younger self some advice, it would be to dream big and believe in yourself. I would have never imagined myself in the position I am now at the beginning of the year. God has done so many amazing things in my life over the past 7 months and it is only continuing to get better but a lot of that has to do with the high expectations I have placed on myself and just allowing God to work through me.  

Q5 - Most important - Cubs or Cardinals  

Nate: St. Louis Cardinals nation all the way! I am a huge sports fan. My favorite NBA team is the Cleveland Cavaliers, my favorite NFL team is the Denver Broncos, and my favorite NHL team is the St. Louis Blues.  

Q6. Any final thoughts you would like the church to know?

Nate: Lastly, my heart for the church (as a whole) and MHBC - My ultimate goal as a follower of Christ is to reach the lost and disciple the saved. I want to bring as many people to Heaven with me as possible and that starts with spreading the good news of Jesus. I have a heart for people and I love just being able to give back to people. I pray that all Christians around the world get that same burning desire to reach people and to help equip others to disciple. 


Minister of Pastoral Care
Rev. Jim Robinson

We are extremely blessed that Pastor Jim Robinson serves in our church. Serving in ministry for over 50 years, his impact upon the kingdom as a pastor will not be known this side of heaven. He oversees our care ministry.

Jim has been serving at Meadow Heights since 2007 and just recently celebrated his 15th anniversary. Jim recently transitioned from Minister of Music to Minister of Pastoral Care. In this new role, Jim is responsible to help with the care, prayer, and counseling needs of the church, and working with the seniors in discipleship and care.  Jim and his wife Rosie have been important members of our church family, and we were all deeply saddened with Rosie passed away in May 2022.  Please continue to pray for Jim and his family as we continue to mourn the loss of Rosie. Pastor

Jim is also blessed with a servant's heart. Do not be surprised if you get a letter from him, a needed hug of encouragement, or that you find him to be a willing ear to listen. 

Director of Children and Youth Ministries
Tim Ellis

Tim is the newest member of the church staff. While Tim and his wife Cassandra have been active for the past two years since joining Meadow Heights and Tim is currently a Sunday School teacher in our youth department, he recently joined the staff in July as part-time Director of Children and Youth Ministries. Tim and Cassandra have 4 daughters: Jacque, Tilayna, Alayna, and Charlotte 

We asked Tim these questions to better get to know him:

 Q1. Can you share some of the activities that you have been engaged in both before and since coming to Meadow Heights?

Tim: Since Meadow Heights, I have helped with the back-to-school bash in 2021, and now in 2022. I have been a youth leader including Sunday morning and the big creek mission trip. Recently helping with Wednesday night children’s program and the return of the weekly youth group which now meets on Sunday nights. I have previously been on the board of the Childhood development center at First Baptist Church Fairview Heights. I was Ordained as Deacon. I was an Awana Sparks leader, and an Awana TNT leader. I taught in VBS every year. I was a teacher for the 2019 DNOW weekend at FBFH. I was a Sunday school teacher for 3rd-6th grade for 5 years. I helped in most children-related theme nights such as STEM night, Glow Night, and Nerf wars. Been to several camps as a male leader, children’s and youth age.

Q2 We’ve seen you know your way around the kitchen quite well and have even brushed up close with greatness (Gordon Ramsey of MasterChef). How did that come about?

Tim: The Gordon Ramsey thing was a joke started by Brock or pastor Bob. But I have been judged by and coached by 3 of the only 65 Certified master chefs in the world. Subsequently, Gordon Ramsey is not on that list. Most Europeans use the Michelin star as their sign of prestige. I however cooked for Ozzie Smith, Kevin Sorbo, the Colorado Avalanche, and Kenny Rodgers. 

 Q3. What is your profession (now and soon, since you are changing roles in August)?

Tim: I’m currently Thermal Spray shop training and Plant safety manager at HTS coatings. On August 15th I will be a family and consumer science teacher at Collinsville High School.

Q4. Why are you interested in serving as the Director of Children/Youth Ministries here at Meadow Heights?

Tim: I have served in many aspects of children’s and youth ministry; I have a strong understanding of the word and a heart for children. I want to do what I can to keep these ministries at Meadow Heights going and build on a Christ-centered foundation.

 Q5. You and Cassandra must have a lot of patience, as you have a busy household, yet you never seem stressed. How do you keep the chaos down to a minimum?

Well, when you have 4 kids you sign up for that chaos, so no need to get all stressed. We also work together all the time for the greater good!   

Q6. And finally, maybe most important: Cardinals or Cubs? (folks gotta know)

Tim: Cardinals 

Financial Administrator
Colleen Henderson

While Tim is the newest staff member, Colleen is the most tenured. Colleen is a true blessing to Meadow Heights, having served our church in both office and financial administration for over 20 years!

Colleen also does facilities management and is the go-to person if you need to know how something works or where something got moved – she either knows or knows who to call. Colleen is married to Ron (they met at Meadow Heights).  They have two children, Nick and Brooke, and they have one adorable grandchild, Olivia. 

Office Administrator
Lynne Kerfoot

Lynne is also no stranger to Meadow Heights. While she has only been working in the church office for a few years, she has been attending MHBC for 50+ years. Lynne is married to Jim (retired US Army) and they have three sons: James, Jeremy, and Joe.

We asked Lynne to share a bit about her life and she shared “While a member of MHBC, I have volunteered/worked as pianist/organist, VBS, children's program, and numerous other events.  I spent 20+ years traveling with my husband and family while Jim was in the US Army.  Proud mother of 3 sons, 11 grandchildren, and 1 great-grandchild (due in November 2022)!!  Truly enjoy the friendships and support MHBC has given to me and my family.”